About Me

I’m having a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Nanoelectronics, Fuel Cell) in the area of Micro / Nano-Fuel Cell for Portable Applications: A Multi-Fuel Solution from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India on 04/03/2015. Presently I’m an Independent Scientist.

I received the prestigious “Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Human Resource Development Group, Government of India – Senior Research Fellowship (CSIR-SRF)” during my Ph.D. Also, I was solely nominated for the prestigious ENI Award 2017 aka Nobel Prize of Energy Research in the “The Frontiers of Energy” category for scientific achievements in the field of research related to Fuel Cell Awarded by an Italian oil and gas company, Eni. Demonstrated the Fabrication of First GaN-based HEMT in India.

I’m having total research experience of 16 years and 5 months (total 72 months of nanofabrication of III-V, II-VI, III-N, Si, MEMS devices experience) and teaching experience of 5 years 5 months for undergraduate as well as graduate courses. Also, I’ve published 8 international SCI journal publications, 31 international / national conference publications, filed 5 U.S. (04 Granted), 1 PCT (published online), 1 EU (Granted), and 5 Indian patents (01 Granted) in the area of micro / nanofuel cell and applications. I'm an active reviewer for many highly reputed international scientific journals.

Moreover, experience in setting up nanofabrication and characterization facilities at CEN, IITBNF Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. I’ve gained experience handling various nanofabrication and characterization tools. Also worked on projects on fabrication and characterization of magneto-optical spintronics devices, III-V, II-VI, III-N, GaAs, Si, NVM, MEMS devices, LEDs, Solar Cells, GaAs photodetector, GaAs quantum Dots, IR and UV Schottky sensors, Gas sensors, India’s first GaN HEMT. I’ve gained experience in using Raith 150 Two®, which is integrated with SEM, EBL, and GIS modules, also I’ve gained experience in using Double-Sided Aligner (Optical Lithography, EVG620).

Also mentored 15 Ph.D. students, 24 M. Tech. students, 20 research staffs, 30 technical staffs at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India. Attracted funding’s from various government agencies / industries by writing research proposals during my Ph.D. tenure.


To pursue excellence being part of a potential and progressive organization utilizing from determination, hard work, and allegiance which would enhance my knowledge, accomplishments and reach the pinnacle in this field, thus looking for an opportunity to grow professionally with the chance to show myself as an asset for the organization & to successfully integrate myself in the corporate era by playing with my all abilities, sincerity & loyalty.


    • Sincere, Honest, Self-motivated, Determined, Hardworking, Dedication.
    • Ability to work effectively, individually as well as in a team environment
    • Mentored 15 Ph.D. students, 24 M. Tech. students, 20 research staffs, 30 technical staffs at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai, India.
    • Attracted funding's from various government / industries by writing research proposals
    • Setting up of Spintronics, GaN (electrical and optical), PEMFC, and SOFC characterization labs
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